Hi! My name is Alanna and I'm the creator of Ultra.lay Swim.

I started Ultra.lay Swim because I could not find swimwear that was comfortable, affordable and one that I didn’t have to fidget with. When shopping for swimwear I would always think, am I going to have to constantly readjust these bottoms? Or, when it’s wet, will the bikini be see-through and clingy? I figured I can’t be the only one who asks these questions and that’s where Ultra.lay Swim came into action. I take pride in selecting the most flattering styles that feel like a second skin. My goal is to create swimwear that makes you feel the ultra you. Part of being the ultra you is feeling confident in your bikini’s composition, being comfortable and absolutely loving the bikini in general- fidgeting is not part of that equation. I hope you love Ultra.lay Swim as much as I do!